Eminem Rumored To Be Coming To ‘Fortnite’


Eminem hasn’t been known to be much of a gamer, but he could be invading Fortnite before 2023 expires.

According to Insider Gaming, Fortnite is planning a Big Bang live event next month that will feature a performance from Slim Shady.

The concert is reportedly slated for December 2 and will be similar to what Fortnite has hosted in the past when artists like Travis Scott and Marshmello hit the virtual stage.

Once the concert concludes, the outlet says, Fortnite is set to roll out a new map for gamers across the globe. Eminem will reportedly have two new skins (characters and their associated accessories) added to the game — one called Slim Shady and the other named Marshall Mathers No More.

The Fortnite ‘BIG BANG’ Event will be the BIGGEST one to date. It’s 1.5GB+ making it the biggest in terms of files size alone,” the “Fortnite content creator” Hypex wrote on Twitter. “It’ll also feature Eminem, LEGO, Rhythm Mode & Racing Mode.”

Find some of the images below.

In other Eminem-adjacent news, actor Jacob Elordi recently revealed that he kicked his Australian accent by listening to a ton of the Detroit rapper’s music.

“A lot of Eminem, like a terrible amount of Eminem,” he revealed to Kelly Clarkson. Elordi said he was grateful to Eminem for the help.

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“And I still love that man so much… I have to thank him so much for getting rid of [the accent],” he added.

Eminem has been busy lately putting out other products too. In an Instagram post shared late last month, Slim Shady unveiled his new Mom’s Spaghetti sauce.

The sauce, which is “born to be served at a street level,” according to the product’s website, goes for $13/jar (or $25 for a two-pack), though it’s currently sold out.

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