Elcamino & Chase Fetti Come With Opulent Collaborative Effort « Bethlehem »

Elcamino & Chase Fetti Come With Opulent Collaborative Effort "Bethlehem"

To be associated with the rising Hip Hop powerhouse known as Griselda, you have to be on top of your game. Your pen has to be sharp, your intent has to be prominent, and the presence when you hop on a track has to be palpable. Buffalo rapper Elcamino and Jersey native Chase Fetti have all of the necessary attributes to put on for the East Coast, and though they aren’t part of the aforementioned group, they operate as a family and push each other (and the rap game itself) to greater heights.

The new collab project from Elcamino and Chase Fetti, entitled Bethlehem, is a demonstration in decadence. Their vocal approaches fall on a ranged spectrum – Elcamino’s on the lower scale with Fetti’s a bit more energetic and zany – making for a well balanced listening experience,  monotony avoided with ease. An exercise in opulence, while still detailing their life circumstances, each track is composed with a story to tell from varying perspectives. These compositions, laid over lush instrumentals, serve as a great listen and bolster the East Coast talent roster to an even further degree.


1. Josh Allen2. Red Magic3. Escargot4. Mulanne Music5. Black Bar Mitzvah6. Emma Aispuro7. Cookin’ For Me

Listen to Bethlehem below:

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