Dominic Fike Responded To Influx Of ‘Euphoria’ Finale Memes

Dominic Fike Responded To Influx Of 'Euphoria' Finale Memes

Aside from having a budding music career, Dominic Fike has also been popping off lately for his role in the beloved TV show about deranged teens, Euphoria. On the season finale last night, his character, Elliot, had a lengthy musical performance that elicited quite a response from the audience. I mean, a lot of scenes from that show tend to get Twitter up in arms, but this one, in particular, generated a ton of memes.

Apparently, unpaid internet content creators had such an impact, that plenty of the reaction made its way back to Fike, who had no choice but to laugh along with the audience at the surreal moment, sharing plenty of his favorites on Instagram stories today. He also shared a selfie after a few of the better video clips, letting fans know that he appreciates the roasting. “The internet remains undefeated,” he wrote. “I am humbled.”


Since Euphoria is over for the moment, perhaps those who did enjoy Dominic’s turn as an acoustic-guitar-wielding snitch would be interested in listening to the real Fike’s output. What Could Possibly Go Wrong is a great place to start, and I especially recommend checking out “Chicken Tenders.” If you’re just in it for the memes though? Check out our roundup here.

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