Diddy Eviscerated Online For Settling Cassie Lawsuit So Quickly

Diddy Eviscerated Online For Settling Cassie Lawsuit So Quickly

Cassie Ventura sued her ex-boyfriend Diddy in a Manhattan federal court on Thursday (November 16), alleging rape and years of physical abuse. Less than 24 hours later, attorneys on both sides announced the former couple had settled out of court, sending a shockwave through social media. Needless to say, it was a swift and shocking end to what looked like would be a dragged out, complicated case.

Unsurprisingly, hashtags like #SurvivingDiddy and #Diddy started to trend on Saturday morning (November 18) as people woke up to the news. But the vast majority are siding with Ventura, applauding her for following through with her promise to expose the Bad Boy Records mogul if he didn’t cough up $30 million to stop her tell-all book from coming out. Many are also taking the settlement as a sign of guilt, which has led to an explosion of memes related to the topic.

Ventura’s lawsuit, which AllHipHop was able to read in full, came with appalling allegations. Ventura’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, said both parties had spoken before the suit was filed. As he noted, “Mr. Combs offered Ms. Ventura eight figures to silence her and prevent the filing of this lawsuit. She rejected his efforts.”

The suit described Diddy as a violent person who once asked Ventura to carry his gun in her purse and supposedly dangled Ventura’s friend over a 17th-floor hotel balcony.

Cassie, who signed with Bad Boy in 2006, was swept up in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. She claimed, in addition to controlling her career, Diddy paid for her car, apartments and clothing, and had access to her medical records. The results from one particular M.R.I. scan she had for memory loss, which was possibly caused by drug use or a beating she said she suffered from Diddy, went directly to him.

Diddy also allegedly provided Ventura with “copious amounts of drugs,” including ecstasy and ketamine, and urged her to take them. The suit says he often became violent, beating her “multiple times each year.” The suit said Ventura never sought help from the police because she feared it “would merely give Mr. Combs another excuse to hurt her.”

In one incident described in the court docs, Ventura alleges in early 2012, Diddy grew so angry about her dating Kid Cudi that he said he would blow up his car. “Around that time,” the suit says, “Kid Cudi’s car exploded in his driveway.” Through a spokeswoman, Kid Cudi confirmed Ventura’s account. “This is all true,” he said.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Ventura also alleged Diddy forced her to have sex with male prostitutes while he watched and that he was once ready to shoot Suge Knight after being alerted to his whereabouts.

And while Ventura was meticulously detailed in her account, there are plenty of people who think she’s lying or nothing but a “golddigger.” Par for the course, there are opinions on both sides. Check out some of the reactions below.

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