DERNIÈRE HEURE Le premier ministre de l’Alberta a annoncé qu’à minuit, ce soir…


Le premier ministre de l’Alberta a annoncé qu’à minuit, ce soir, le passeport vaccinal me serait plus en vigueur.


Alberta announces vaccine passport to end at midnight

At a news conference, the premier said while the restrictions exemption program served its purpose of increasing vaccination rates, it is no longer an effective tool for doing so and no longer needed.

Kenney said scrapping REP was among a number of changes to the province’s pandemic response that were approved by his government’s COVID-19 cabinet committee earlier in the day.

He said his government will follow a three-step plan to removing restrictions, saying “Alberta will move on but will do so carefully… Prudently.” He said most restrictions affecting children and youths will be lifted this weekend, including requirements for children 12 and under to wear masks.

Kenney said he believes it is clear Alberta’s number of COVID-19 infections involving the Omicron variant peaked about three weeks ago. He said hospital admissions linked to the coronavirus are declining and that the province’s total; number of active cases have dropped steadily in recent weeks.

Kenney made the announcement as people protesting public health measures related to the pandemic continue to impede traffic near Coutts, Alta., impacting traffic north and south of the Canada-U.S. border.

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