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  1. Film industry collapse worldwide due to centralized network covid compressed so its a death case pollution production houses collapse due to heavy machines like camera
    When decentralized ecosystem rise then covid are sharing in environment Film actors actress models looks old worldwide unemployment Film actors actresses are quit from Film industry as a result common man got a chance in Film industry and famous actors actress models are out by Film producers decentralized ecosystem unemployment rise fastly in worldwide industries like agriculture food infrastructure etc

  2. Internet network system collapse center network demolished soon stocks cryptocurrency properties commodities will goes to zero in 2022-2023
    Finally decentralized ecosystem rise stocks cryptocurrency properties commodities will goes to skyrocket
    Humans are unemployed machines rise as a result Worst recession worst covid war creates worst world war

  3. Crypto lending teeters on brink of extinction after Genesis collapse. Regulators are forcing lenders to either meet the more stringent standards required in traditional financial markets or face massive repercussions. Either way, the heyday is over.

  4. I think it doesn't sound like a bad idea, you presented it, like you got paid to do so. Just tried to wrap the modern movement on it. Bro it hasn't been a year since you opened up about scams and the crypto companies paying you. You just zoned in on one that fits the motive you have been going for. Just a heads up, no disrespect. I hope you are doing the right things.

  5. Thus Sux brother, You sold your self to Take the people who listen to you Money.. Be HONEST FOR ONCE,, your chasing Billions NOT HELP US anymore brother, either way God Bless

  6. Good info , but to listen to your retarded american politicians is a joke. And these morons seems to always have some foreigners to blame for something while they are f ucking up your own country. Ass wipes in suits.

  7. I was looking into arweav the other day. Thanks ben, that was very informative! Now to see what the fed does this week with the interest rates. That will decide my bullishness

  8. Straight lmao-ing at the struggles at the end of this. 😆 I know our boy Ben been working overtime to get these vids out before he starts jetsetting across the states on the book tour, so mad props, big homie. Thanks for all you do. Also, Arweave is on point. Gonna keep my eyes on it 👀

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