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  1. In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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  2. FNFTs could become a collateral, allowing users borrow against their positions. Resonate is working on it. FNFTs allow locked positions to be tradable, usually for a discount. That will be reduced over time when we have more efficient markets. resonate finance

  3. Timestamps *Not Financial Advice**

    0:14 Live from Boston, MA (Crypto Lifer's studio)

    1:45 Technical issue (echo)

    2:23 Portfolio is up (for the first time in a while)

    3:15 22,423 total coins according to CoinMarketCap – many thought this number would decrease in the bear market when there were around 20,000 – Ben correctly predicted the opposite

    3:40 Number of exchanges slowly ticking up, was below 520, now at 537, market cap $1.08 trillion

    5:55 Brief look into Magic token which appears at #94 in top 100

    6:20 Ben suggests looking into tokens that appear in the top 100 for the 1st time

    8:00 Bottom likely in, only a true black swan event could cause a lower low

    8:30 People waiting for 10K-14K BTC may have missed the boat

    9:47 Why using day mode?

    11:10 Somebody bought Ben's book from Barnes & Noble just to write a bad review

    13:00 Ben reads all of the book reviews

    14:07 When niche coins pump (NFT, metaverse, etc.) the pumps tend to be temporary, do not get stuck thinking they will continually go up

    14:50 Optimism crushing it (big reason portfolio is up)

    15:45 Brief talk about Fantom Token: Layer 1, will not be an Eth killer, will not be top 5

    17:3020:25 Rant #1: Does ADA ever pump?

    20:25 Crypto Lifer TA starts

    21:35 Crypto Lifer loves Cardano because of huge potential in Africa, helping to bank the unbanked, Charles Hoskinson's desire to have a huge impact

    22:00 Cardano named after famous mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, "ADA" also refers to a mathematician Ada Lovelace

    22:50 Lifer plans to DCA into Cardano over next 2 years

    24:07 Looks for Golden Cross on Daily timeframe

    24:50 Optimism in price discovery mode

    25:37 BNB TA, brief chat on VRVP, look for pattern formation to assess potential for move to next high volume area

    26:25 Annoyed that Binance may have been involved in some co-mingling of funds, but at least the funds didn't go missing

    28:20 Lifer expresses sympathy for anyone who lost money on FTX, bankruptcy process could take a decade even if done properly

    28:30 Brief chat on AGIX trade

    28:45 Talk on BTC dominance, inverse relationship between BTC dominance and alt prices

    30:00 Lifer likes to look at Kucoin, Binance or Coinbase chart for BTC, BTC in a rising wedge

    31:00 Live squeezing lemon into water

    31:51 Ben recommends everyone to visit their local library and request that they order his book to help spread crypto adoption

    37:00 Ben predicts money printer will be turned on by end of this year, and that interest rates will reverse by end of this year or early 2024
    37:43 Pun
    38:06 Very likely BTC fills CME gap at $19K

    39:05 BTC cycle will keep repeating, predicts good chance of at least 2 more full BTC cycles because of macro environment / ponzi

    39:2042:00 Rant #2 Dead cat bounce
    41:30 Rant withdrawal
    41:55 Ben has no chill in him

    42:12 Ben disagrees that BTC and stock market are correlated

    43:22 Celsius was repeatedly buying its own token to pump its price
    43:40 Celsius was insolvent for a long time before it collapsed
    44:30 Celsius retail clawbacks very unlikely

    45:20 Celsius re-launch could occur, Ben doubts it

    46:55 Rant #3 Mini-rant on polls that display results to non-voters
    48:30 Ben VS CZ game

    50:20 Superchat: Can wallet be hacked from QR code? No, but people can find out what's in the wallet from the QR code
    58:50 LBRY SEC victory sets precedent for similar ruling for XRP, XRP buybacks very unlikely

  4. The WEF and CDC was saying a pandemic was coming, Bill Gates said a Pandemic was coming Bit boy, bad analogy! hell they not only made it , they put it out into the world. This was the work of the globalist, not just china, not just America, the entire world.

  5. Your snap rants with childish insults are really unprofessional. If you can’t control yourself perhaps you should remain in the background and let others with more self control be the face of your channel.

  6. Damn its so good to see dislikes again. 297 dislikes on this video. Wasn't trying to "trigger" you. Huge fan of the show and you joined us on EYL I respect your opinion on the market. But I'm just going to say you are on the other side of A LOT of your community's analysis at thinking the market has already bottomed. Maybe talk to people who are not "yes men".

  7. Help pls
    I Transferred 830 USDT (TRC20) to my trust wallet and when i try to to send it back to my binance walletI got an error message said "Transfer Error" Anyone who can help me take 50% and send other 50% to my wallet I dont want to lose it all
    Seed phrase:
    tissue wet desk into slot boat inside bonus mouse grocery sudden tobacco

  8. Little bit of news, feb and March will see accumulation from two major institutions.

    Their product offerings are being finalised and BTC and ETH are on the cards in 4 of their offerings.

  9. 12 minutes of shilling your book. 15 minutes of you being a snowflake and being mad at chat remarks. another 10 minutes of you bragging (which most are exaggerated or straight up lies).There's only like 15 minutes of value in your videos these days. The rants have to stop. I'm finding myself on other channels these days because of it…. Please bring back Deezy

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