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  1. These douchebags running bens channel only teason i watched this channel was cause of him long before ye runts came in and ruined him burn in hell! Until bems back im unsubscribing

  2. Unless Ben is allowed back I will be here talking ish. This channel is the worst. Coin bureau is the second best now after to Ben Armstrong's new channel. I dont trust these people on BB crypto. Snakes in the grass.

  3. This is the difference between having a person with charisma vs a person with no charisma.
    Did not like the guy before and don’t like these new guys.
    These guys still work together and the sheep love the drama instead of real education

  4. What a boring show … without Ben bitboy crypto Chanel is like a Big Mac without the sauce.
    Shame on you !
    By the way , I don’t watch your shi@!show I’m juste here to drop my 💣 in comment .

  5. People who steal others Intellectual properties are the worst and slimyest. I watched it happen in the music business over the last 50 years. Now we are seeing it in the content creator business. On this principle alone, I can not support you. What you have done is the worst of the worst. I can not stand even looking at IP thieves.

    A year from now, no one will know who you are and Ben will continue to flourish with new producers.

  6. It's funny how these traitors keep Tim the traitor from crypto jebb. He also tried to coupe his company. They had 1.45M subscribers. Now 1.44M. It's a funny thing if you look at the likes. When Ben was still around and he made a video, the likes were 1k+ and 10k+ views. See how the numbers become less

  7. Just dirty deals ousting Ben. Sold his Lambo too! That is just kickin a man in the teeth when he's already down. Dirty pool! Doesn't matter what ya'all think he did to ya, you stole his business, then kicked him when he's down, Dirty Pool. This is the last time this channel is displayed on my screen! How do ya like them apples!?

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