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  1. First prove me upland isn't a scam, cool block chain, the infrastructure needed to keep crypto flowing (the natural resources to keep the servers going) (just for Bitcoin, (1.4% of the total volume of Bitcoin actually trading but then they cash out for USD now we have nft's???? Somebody is making a shitload of money. Why should I spend money on upland when I can buy GTA v online and have a blast? Upland team y'all originally thought it through (that was the impression given) y'all have a bunch of very successful people who it's a semi-project and y'all really don't give a f*** about it because you guys have already made y'all's money and you guys just want to make more money. Feel bad for the people who bought into it and actually ended up spending tens of thousands of dollars bag who's going to hold the 💰💰💰💰💰💰 NOT ME

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