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  1. Dizzy you should hold your opinion and argument it . Why you get this guy on the show and ask things that are above him and his ego . you do not see that he cannot give a preoper answer he is so jaded . just hating a project that is buiding every day without any argument. If you wan to disccuss ADA bring people that they know and have the knoledge about the project …. WTF who is doing the schedule …

  2. Looks like every crypto influencer suddenly changed their opinion on SOL after they see the pump and discredit ADA because it’s not pumping as much.

    Is their anyone who isn’t pushing the pumped coins on their channel at this point?

  3. Wait until midnight launches on cardano 1 to 1 airdrop
    Zk privacy coin could get a market cap as high as monero or more
    That's not bad for free coins just by holding ada and staking

  4. lol appreciate the counters but this guy does not understand what moves are being made in the Cardano ecosystem. Looking foward to those Microcaps poppin' off over the next year.

  5. Such a breath a fresh air not having an insecure pudgy stripper dating toxic clown on here. Congratulations for making the tuff choices you've made for the health and success of your team Discover Crypto! We know it wasn't easy. Bravo!

  6. Crypto Blood couldnt remember ADA all time high, means he also doesnt know with all the improvements and advancements ADA has done this last year to give a proper evaluation…. he is just butt hurt since Charles dont give him the time of day.

  7. ADA is going to $5 is my guess for the top of the bull market. I love the ecosystem and everything that's happening, but too many large accounts don't believe in it and aren't into the details.

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