Cam’ron Trolled By OJ Simpson During USC/Colorado Game


Cam’ron has been made fun of by O.J. Simpson after he chose the Colorado Buffaloes to beat the University of Southern California Trojans.

O.J., whose alma mater is USC, took to social media to tease the Harlem rapper after the Deion Sanders-led team was losing the game by a large margin at one point on Saturday (September 30).

“Uh, Cam’ron buddy, you okay?” he asked in a half-heartedly sympathetic tone. “Are you alright, man? I’m a little worried about you right now. Man, don’t take it too hard, okay? Come on, it’ll be alright. It’s gonna be alright buddy. Take care.”

Cam’ron, who’s a big Colorado Buffaloes fan, caught wind of The Juice’s video and responded, saying that “it ain’t over yet.”

“OJ trolling me on tx?” he asked. “[face plant emoji, crying laughing emojis] it ain’t over yet juice !! Lol.”

USC ended up beating Colorado 48-41.

Cam’ron has been repping for Coach Prime and the Buffaloes throughout their first few games.

After the Colorado Buffaloes came back in overtime to beat the Colorado State Rams 43-35 on September 17, Cam’ron could be seen celebrating the comeback victory on Instagram with the producer of his hit sports show It Is What It Is.

Cam’ron & Ma$e Prove They Got The Juice As O.J. Simpson Joins ‘It Is What It Is’

There were also cameos from NFL Veteran Samari Rolle and It Is What It Is moderator Treasure Wilson.

Cam’ron reflected on a prior trip to Boulder, Colorado on an episode of It Is What It Is on September 11.

“Shoutout to Coach Prime, he laid the pink carpet out for me. Went down to Boulder, it was crazy. First of all, we on the field, we in the suite, chicken and waffles, steak, champagne — whatever we wanted… Really appreciate that,” he said.

“Then the pre-game speech the n-gga went crazy. I was ready to grab some shoulder pads and a helmet. I was ready to go crazy, my n-gga. I’m ready to knock a n-gga head off behind this shit, man.”

Cam then went into breaking down the game and was appalled that Nebraska attempted to warm up on the logo at midfield.

“Nebraska y’all came in there talking funky. Get off the bus and go to the 50-yard line,” he continued. “Y’all was moving oppy yesterday. So that’s when [Colorado quarterback] Shedeur [Sanders] came over and one of the players was acting crazy and he went like this to him: ‘Fuck is wrong with you, n-gga.’

“I was moving crazy out there, I was looking crazy. You see the shirt. Call it what you want to call it. It Is What It Is.”

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