BULLISH BITCOIN Indicators EXPLAINED (What THIS Means For Future Of Crypto!)


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In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets …



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  1. Main coins, like BTC or ETH should be something that we should buy in this period. And then use some to buy gems, like $BLOCK, they are bring BIG Athletes to crypto world, creating their athlete tokens for real perks and exclusive content of our GOATs

  2. If we talking altcoins, I think it has to be the ultimate sports fan token $BLOCK from Blockaset. This will give users the ultimate fan to athlete experience. Blockasset is taking over the sports NFT space and creating a brand. Their $BLOCK token is what links the whole ecosystem so definitely bullish

  3. Asinine indeed, in this market any asset vs the dollar or GBP or EUR , by the SEC's standard is a security. The Dollar's strength at the moment is more proof that the rest of the world is beating the US at the inflation game in the race to the weakest currency.

  4. Seen a little correction now. I will continue to grow my bags of some smaller cap coins and blockassets $block token is one of those. I believe it will really pump during the next run as it is backing their athlete tokens. With Athletes like Khmazat, Ali and Rooney, i cant ignore them and what they doing. Always DCA !!

  5. I love this bear market. Long may it continue. Everyday I go out and hustle so I can come home and DCA. The lower the market goes the more motivated I am and the lower my average cost is a.k.a the more profit i'll make in the next bull market. Don't be afraid when you see the prices tank just make sure you don't need to take out the money you put in and make sure you have complete confidence in both the crypto market and the projects you invest in. Then it really is just a waiting game.

  6. I can’t believe YouTube plays ETH scam ad while watching this video. I’ve had it play 4 times now offering you whatever ETH you deposit they will automatically send it back to the address you sent from. Lol😂

  7. They’re coming after you now Ben, now that you are trying to fight the “Man”! They are going to pull all the stuff out of the closet and pull all the punches against you to make you look bad! Brace yourself and HODL strong!

  8. Eth is infinite supply, not deflationary at all. It's legacy 2.0 with Blockchain. 2%, 9% 0.2% inflation is not good. Burning mechanism is taxation. JPMorgan is a wolf on a sheep clothing. NFT is their way for you to burn your eth,. Not an asset.
    Eth 2.0 is still infinite supply!!! It's not deflationary, it's more like Quantitive Easing, Quantitive Tightening.

  9. I would like this to be true and Bitcoin really started to grow rapidly, but so far everything is not happening like that, but I am ready to wait long enough, especially since I do not plan to sell Bitcoin, but on the contrary, I'm going to buy some more on Bitfinex next month.

  10. Everyone has been shitting on lending but with the exception of hacks (remember people steal credit card numbers all the time) truly defi platforms like compound seem to be ok. As long as you are only lending a non centralized could be relatively safe. Of course some may not be but I can’t say all lending and borrowing is bad. It’s the centralized actors lending without collateral where we have seen the most problems. Luna just seemed to good to be true and was way to vulnerable, but not all projects will blow apart.

  11. I’ve been saying that this bear market is eerily similar in price action to the bear market of 2015. That last Weekly pump in 2015 looks almost exactly like what just happened with the Weekly that just closed. Lots of hopium in the last weekly candle. They will help accelerate the final push down as they panic sell.

  12. 51:57 Ben i hate when you make stupid arguments to prove a point, Windex does not give their buyers an expectation of profit, neither does the store they buy it from, the person who buys it and re-sells it on amazon is putting an expectation of profit on windex him self, not the company nor the store.

  13. What if the big money created all this fud and scared of exchanges mindset for cash grab on fees, with Coinbase subscription model now out just seems fishy if you look at what it offers. Just a thought. Alot of people are still on exchanges too.

  14. Xi Jinping wasn’t president of China until 2013, and by the way China has lifted over 750 million people out of poverty. America is likely to see a revolution before China ever does

  15. You're not getting a higher value of ETH when Staking. You're getting more ETH to keep up with the inflation rate of ETH. Therefore keeping the same amount of value or buying power. Imagine if banks put money in accounts to keep up with inflation to give you the same buying power with your dollars. That's what staking does.

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