Breaking Down My Biggest Crypto Portfolio Winners and Losers!


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Our assets are doing well overall, but we’re not making any moves with the price of Bitcoin spiking. Should we put more into …



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  1. BTC will be passing the 50% dominance. This is due to sec stating that only BTC is not a security. I only had ETH and ADA and now 50% is in BTC. In these uncertain times it could be better to play it safe.

  2. I'm 1,012% up on bitcoin I'm. eth is 177% these two I adopted early so I've held it even when it was at its hight. I dont look at the days ups and downs I look long range. Bitcoin I believe will surpass its all time high.
    Eth is funny, it doesn't act like it should maybe because adoption is not fully realized.
    Alt coins avax matic Algo kava Grt Amp I'm early adopting I'm up on every one of them. I'm not liking Cardano and others in the copy cat regions so ill just add on the downs of what I now know ate good Alts.

  3. Can you or anyone please tell me & others what happened to Mickle of Mickle Markets? I can't find out anything about him now… GOD forbid something happened to him…

  4. The bull run starts when BTC pumps like crazy first before the alts, same case as 2015 and 2019

    It's best to hold BTC here until BTC bull runs for a few months or closer to a year

    But you wanna do the opposite LOL every single bull run you wanna guess the bottom, shilling with worthless shitcoins.

    Worst advice ever

  5. By supporting ETH you are supporting a new version of our current financial system. ETH may very well be successful, but we don't want it to be. Trust me.

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