Black man wins a racial profiling case in Laval MONTREAL — A Laval police offi…


Black man wins a racial profiling case in Laval

MONTREAL — A Laval police officer racially profiled a Black man during a stop at a gas station in 2017 and violated the ethics code by shoving him and deleting the man’s cellphone recording of the interaction, Quebec’s police ethics committee has ruled.

In a blistering decision released last week, the panel chastised officer Michael Boutin for knocking the man’s Samsung phone out of his hand and then getting him to unlock it so that he could erase the footage.

“The gas station footage saved me because the footage I originally had, he deleted it. So that leaves me with nothing, which is terrifying,” he said.

The officer handed Content a $127 traffic ticket after the 2017 encounter. Not only did he contest the ticket — and win — he also filed complaints with the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal, the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission, and the province’s Police Ethics Committee over his treatment four years ago.

While his case is still before the tribunal, he already won the case with the human rights commission in October 2020 and was awarded $24,000 in damages.


In a second victory, the police ethics committee said in its Nov. 18 decision that it upheld six of the 12 violations against Boutin.

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