Bitcoin's $30K DESTINY! (Network Upgrade PUMPS Cardano)


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In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets …



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  1. You know these banksters 🏦 have endless money and can leverage sell at anytime.. eating up all the debt 💸 sweat equity at an moment.. anytime they want?

    I’ve got the wildest portfolios but refuse to transfer anything on any of their systems.. not even a transaction fee.. 💜🙏

  2. Man you just found out that sham down the road. I appreciate that you didn't hide it. And I went short on that crap. Still like to short sol. 😂. Ben you a good dude. Through all the ups and downs.

  3. This channel sucks now. All Ben does is talk shit about the people who talk shit about him. Talk crypto man. No one gives a shit about the other stuff.

  4. I came here for the Singularity commentary and you guys are unbelievably ill informed. How do you honestly claim to be an “influencer” when your knowledge of the industry is so opaque?

  5. Ever hear a paid shill say "I'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advise"? me neither. but YT'ers giving their opinions on a token or project to their listeners always say that. when FTX pays or even just entices people like Tom Brady and half of Hollywood to go on and on about it.. it is pumping, pushing, shilling, selling..advising. and to stress how genuine you are, how many maximalists of ANY crypto admit that XRP is a force, and then goes on to fully support them in their court case and support the "army"?

  6. Respect the hell out of you Ben! You got me into crypto years ago.

    Started watching you in early 2020 & watched every video you have uploaded since 💯 Keep up the good work. Love what your creating for the crypto community.

  7. I used to not like your show at first. However I've watched your show and followed your efforts etc and have come to truly appreciate what you do and what you have accomplished. I might not always agree with your on air angry outburst lol but I always find them entertaining. I have watched regularly enough to know you work really hard and are tough as nails. At least when it comes to all the haters and ridiculous attacks. Plus the threat of the elites your pissing off and being swated and so on. If I had all that plus drank as many Monster energy drinks I'd be a hot mess lol. I also learned from your show recently that you are a recovering (ed) addict. I think that you have really come a long way considering. My 7 year anniversary was just this week. I've been lucky. Lost a few souls since then who have not been so fortunate. Sadly I lost most of my savings that I managed to build between 2017 and 2022 to Hellcius… between no money to spare, the do or die money situation and a great wife I didn't let it push me back into that life… were a couple close calls. Thanks for what you do and your crew of Crypto maniacs. I will keep coming back to watch and one day hope to see us all get something back from Celsius that is actually worth something. GOD bless!

  8. Why is the Cardano news from the title not one of the subject bars? Stop trying to force people to listen to the whole video by not showing when you are going to talk about the subject title on Cardano. This isn't the first time you've done this so I know it's not an accident

  9. You sold FNFT that contains locked tokens and you didn't touched underlying asset. The guy who gets that FNFT cannot touch it till it unlocks either. He is stuck with the same terms that you got. You're paid less than they're worth, but you get money now. resonate finance

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