Bitcoin VS Banks (Regulators BLAME Crypto For Collapse)


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Regulators are blaming crypto for the recent banking collapse. In today’s show, we discuss the cryptocurrency markets and the …



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  1. yea it is cryptos fault because idiots like you now work at banks who know nothing about economics and investments who know invest their capital holdings into crypto and it's literally the worst investment out their. You would probably invest more in pokemon cards. Decentralization in crypto is a joke it doesn't exist it's literally stupid. Everything is centralized what the actual fuck is the purpose of crypto

  2. Just Say No, to FedNOW. If we completely refuse to take part in their CBDC V1.0, then it will be a good message to use XRP, and let the tech be OPEN WORLD WIDE. Whatever FedNow ends up being; it needs to be abandoned, and XRP needs to be the clearing house for whatever the fed CBDC really is; so it's not isolated as a proprietary network; even if it's ISO compliant. Same reason BOE is using Ripple to create their CBDC; so they don't try to create a world wide reserve currency CBDC. They don't think they can win against USA, so they join the rest of the world. The US needs to do same; so V1.0 needs to fail… People should refuse to use, as much as they can. Just like NG, Africa 😉

  3. Regional banks need to speed up crypto adoption, just to be solvent this time next year. Let your bank know; you expect them to accept USDC at a minimum, or you will be changing banks. See what they do; see what they say; and post your vids on twit. Same with your Sentators, same with Congress people; important people in your life that depend on your income. Your lawyers, your landscaper.

  4. If people ACCEPT banks being banned from being used to do business in crypto; then the fight is on; it will go to the streets. Abandon the Banks. lean on the water company; tell them u want to pay in USDC. Same with refuse collector. Your mortgage bank. If you pay your bill, it will be in crypto. Let them know.

  5. Restaurants, liquor stores, pawn shops, independent grocers, it needs to start at grass roots, and signs need to be seen all over town; how can we get this movement going? Maybe XRP is better; or USDC, whatever; maybe 4 icons on a page; MATIC/USDC/XRP/ADA are all fast enuf for cash register use. Talk hardware wallets more? Express to people how important it is to invest any spare cash outside of banks, abandon the banks. Mostly, they have succeeded. No banks open to facilitate merchants accepting crypto; no clarity == no large major merchants accepting crypto. People need to stake out their reps in congress; and post videos from every STATE! What is your stance on people using crypto to abandon banks?

  6. If your going to counter-sue or sue for defamation I wouldn't broadcast that. They will now likely just do a retraction and issue an apology. Always wait a bit if your going to do anything and get legal advice first.

  7. My last name is Hunt and we had a heck of a time picking a name to go with Hunt so we would imagine how it would sound if said over a loud speaker like in a restaurant as an example😆😆 we finally settled on Alexander David Hunt

  8. I agree with Simon. You rant too much on your channel now though you did quite a bit before it's worse. I don't have time to watch you rant anymore straightened out your programming please.

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  10. They are going to drop the price of XRP, so the banks can buy it all up after a positive ruling by the judge. Just when it's next to impossible to buy cryptocurrency.

  11. Ben, I don’t mean to be critical because you do SO much to fight for crypto and the average investor who wants to make some real returns on their money like the institutions. However, this daily show is difficult to follow because you cannot resist going off on a rant or indulging in what seems to be workplace banter. These interruptions are taking up about half of the show which has grown to the length of a movie. People have busy lives and don’t have time to watch through the whole show, so they are missing out on crucial information. This is especially so right now when the government is doing all it can to discredit crypto, gaslight the public about the causes of the current banking crisis and cut off access to investors via Operation Chokepoint 2.0. So please can you maybe make more shorter videos that bring the crucial information to viewers more easily- bringing in the video whiteboard would be really useful. Many thanks and be blessed

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