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  1. My favourite all time quote I saw Ben say once. I've searched old videos to find and can't. If you can please repost it. "I tried so hard at school trying not to be a nerd… And now I'm the leader of a whole bunch of nerds!" 😂 love it!

  2. You are too funny, Ben . And thank you for keeping this fraud front and centre . I’m sure it means a lot for those who had their money in FTX . Take care man.

  3. I'll say one thing Ben…you got a set of "big brass ones..!!" You KNOW they were hiding behind the curtains looking out..the Shih Tzu must have been absolutely $hitting himself.. watching the Pitbull prowl outside his Mommy and Daddy's house…!!! Keep it up Brother….we're with ya..!!!!

  4. What if S&P dips down tomorrow?! What if it take off tommorow, and than seeing this the FED rising rates 0.50% to show clearly he doesnt want Inflation to jump again after Stock moves! What about that?

  5. With a a housing bubble about to burst… market crash to follow and a recession coming tells me this guy again is just trying to pump bitcoin so he can make a profit and watch his followers be the last holding as usual. Just like he had everyone ride it down from 69k to 30k until he was like owe yeah were in a bear market.

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