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  1. Gemini Earn customers thought their money was safe — now it's gone.
    340,000 customers who have $900 million locked up at Earn, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  2. 52:16 Greta is financed by George Soros (well documented) so is also her mother (Soros financed her opera career and she admitted to have sold her soul to the devil!).

    Soros and other big powers behind the globalization are the big financiers of ANTIFA, Greenpeace and most of all the other extreme left-wing organisations, they are basically paid actors/demonstrators.

  3. Any banking service not allowing transfers under 100k is because they want accredited investor status for institutional buying under regulation that they're self-imposing to try to run parallel to traditional finance

  4. So grateful to hear someone admit they are, in the red, everyone sold cause they knew., and had taken profits…. but didn't say until the eve of FTX ….. or bought early and still up …. blah blah blah. You can't claim honour when you have no humility. I'm blown away you have honour.

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