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  1. lost over 80k with BENs coin…IF someone like to HELP but real..send me some ETH i will respect any kind of help.

    Ben scaw as all…



  2. Bunch of dirty dirty bustards. You all keep shafting Ben when he was the one that brought you all up. Shame on you all. You low down bunch of fuckin scumbags. I'm with Ben like all the other people that have left your failing channel. I only return for the length of time takes to send these comments. Until next time bye scum…

  3. these nerds need to hang it up lol, zero front men around them. Clearly you have out punted your coverage. Shame on you shitbags for thinking you can run a man out that the channel was built around and think you could do better. lol, I hope he smashes you guys in court.

  4. bens greed for ego power and money based off a bad lonely childhood, deezys greed for being so envious of bens life decided to use all the bad to destroy him to take his position, robbing his hard earned company for his own. In the end, both parties loose friendships. the company is not the same vibe, the image has been tainted, this isn't a family channel , this is a lesson of greed ignorance and the poster child for not airing your dirty laundry online. they defamed ben armstrong by releasing information that damaged his marriage. this went to far and now its over. WE ALL LOST, why? greed and fighting

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