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  1. Since yesterday, BTC has reached an ATH for the month, but got pulled back down to $23.1k, probably some retracement that we're seeing before the next rally. I'll keep an eye on the price action as I also get into Galxe's campaign with Polygen since it's about to end and keep my PGEN staked for tier levels and future IDOs.

  2. Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns of Next Crypto Implosion Coming From Wash Trades

    Mark Cuban, a Shark Tank star and the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, has warned that the next crypto implosion could come from “the discovery and removal of wash trades” on centralized exchanges. The billionaire’s comments followed the collapse of crypto exchange FTX which wiped out billions of dollars of customer funds.

  3. The reality of stocks right now is machine driven pump. Which brings along the want to catch the frenzy. Watch the classic dump happen when the right amount of cash is in use with stock purchasing.
    Meanwhile I simply wait for the dump cycle as I've already entered at 15500 bottom.

  4. Awe man! So disappointed you're going to be in Minneapolis and I won't be around. How can I make sure I don't miss you next time around and also stay in contact with a bit squad here in Minnesota?

  5. Dude you have no idea in predicting what crypto will do tomorrow. Just last week you said crypto is done and today you trying to act you know something about bitcoin reaching $25k. You just got a channel to fool people and making money with lies

  6. Then dump to $12k +/- looks the daily weekly etc. Stock Market will pump before the big dump as well. Have add it gamblers. Why not just buy a open and let CD for 6-9mths at 4.75% with no risk … Oh wait it's different this time sto Mkt and crapto are both Ponzi's in one form or another

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