BEST Metaverse Investment RIGHT NOW (Greatest Crypto Exchange being SUED!)


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Today we will be discussing the new class-action lawsuit filed against popular decentralized exchange Uniswap and what that …



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  1. I remember these projects (Matrix Samurai). I was in one of the chat. Almost lost $2k but thank god the transaction failed. It was hammered the moment it launch and it was somehow "hacked" 10 minutes later. DeFi is mostly gambling. You can't sue Uni for this.

  2. With respect to the bit about younger generations being resistant to adopting metaverse, I believe this is similar to influencers of Instagram 3 years ago being resistant to tiktok and missing the shot. Once the use cases for metaverse become tangible and real and makes sense to the laymen civilian, then we will see the movement from PlayStation and Xbox into metaverse play to earns. Great episode here Gents! Appreciate you all 🏆

  3. I literally watched a video on the United States Secret Service cracking down on crypto fraud so hopefully that cuts down these fake meme coin makers. Besides that it's still early and I think the US is about to make major plays and make Crypto a lifestyle to bring on the mainstream. That's just my speculation when it happens I'm going to have my portfolio well diversified.

  4. It is said that the average 25 – 35 yo today will never own a home because of prices compared to income. To me the current top end crypto ideas #metaverse #oculus #nfts are being priced at the same level. I dont think the younger generation is not excited for it…..they just can't afford it. Again I say….the average.

  5. Stop lying ECOMI is the greatest buy right now, short term and long term. The beginning stages of rolling out everything with help from DISNEY, UNIVERSAL, DC STUDIO, SONY. Ran by AFRED KAHN (30 year president of Nintendo and creator of Pokémon) who came out of retirement for this project. Token is only on 3 exchanges. The future is ECOMI. They will be the Apple and NFT version of Amazon for WEB3. Enough said.

  6. I've got one odd marketing ploy called Meta hero . It showed up on pancake swap at $0.0004 but selling on a different contract at houbi for $0.45. I guess that's a great deal for those with Houbi access. The US is feeding the East……… Fillet Mingon!

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