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  1. That was so fast, I had to screen record that energy-drink infused jumbled mess of a sentence and play it in slow motion.
    Please next time organize your thoughts and keep that drink off your diet broski.
    PS: I ain’t lying about the screen record + slow motion.

  2. Bitcoin has also repeated its cycle during economic over inflation, think about it for a second. Seriously. How can we be certain that this really is the bottom for Bitcoin when if you do your research for how bad this recession will be it only just started it’s still needs to get far worst to even consider recovering.

    Look at all bullshit that’s still happening in the crypto ecosystem. In fact we’re still betting against SEC to lose and we don’t even know what will happen. It doesn’t make sense to think this is bottom.

    Bitcoin wasn’t around at the large scale that it currently is during the 2008 recession, so if anyone says we’ve reached the bottom now it’s gambling because Bitcoin has yet to be tested during a time period we will be going through.

    It’s a asset/commodity not a miracle.

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