Ben Baller Rips The Seahawks After Russell Wilson Trade

Ben Baller Rips The Seahawks After Russell Wilson Trade

Ben Baller is a huge Seahawks fan.

Russell Wilson is no longer on the Seattle Seahawks as the team traded him to the Denver Broncos on Tuesday. It was a blockbuster trade that brought Drew Lock to the Seahawks, all while Seattle was given a plethora of draft picks. It is a trade that has completely shaken up the NFL, and it has also sent shockwaves throughout the dedicated Seahawks fanbase.

For instance, TMZ caught up with jeweler Ben Baller, who is a huge fan of the Seahawks. In the clip below, Baller was livid about the trade, noting that it was terrible for the team and that if Lock ends up being the starter, he is going to have a whole lot of problems. He also went on to say that Wilson is impossible to replace, and that the team is not in a good state right now.

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« One of the worst trades in NFL history and definitely the worst trade in Seahawks history, » Baller said. « C’mon bro. Like if he suits up, I’m gonna throw tomatoes at this guy. « I’m hoping that we may pick up Deshaun Watson, somehow someway we manifest that. I’d rather have Geno Smith. There’s no way that Drew Lock is gonna be QB1 for us. How do you replace a Hall of Famer? »

Baller’s concerns have been echoed by Seahawks fans over the last 24 hours, and things probably aren’t going to get any better, at this point. Wilson was the team’s franchise QB, and now, they will have to jumpstart a rebuild.


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