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  1. this whole pick either crypto or stocks thing is silly. The economy needs both to do good so we can get over inflation. if the Nasdaq is down that isn't going to help btc either. All investments are being dragged down together atm. It's all correlated. If anything we should be buying stocks to turn the U.S. Economy around and to get BTC pumping again.

  2. Crypto will be Nasdaq 2.0 bucckle up. Don't know if we will have new ATH this year but in 2 months we will skyrocket. Don't listen to me, I'm no one that was screaming from December 2021 that Anchor Protocol is ponzi shit and will destro Luna in future….

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  4. The fact that everyone expects the halving to be this spectacular event is more of a reason it won’t be. Look at what just happened in 2021 and all of the major predictions that never came to fruition. Crypto is a self fulfilling prophecy; what you now expect to happen, won’t. All of the attention / exposure is a double edged sword and the very reason the markets will be even more correlated than ever before. There are still massive gains to be made in crypto but it will never be as easy or, should I say, predictable as it was prior to 2021.

  5. Is it even a good idea to compare the S&P 500 with BTC at all?
    Hear me out.

    BTC is a single asset (with alot of power)
    The S&P 500 is literally 500 different assets grouped together…

    Any single asset versus BTC and BTC outpaces it by far.
    Especially because it can be accessed worldwide opposed to something like GOLD which has been horded upon from the britts, russians, jews, americans highest powers for some time.

  6. 68 % of El Salvador public do not want or trust bitcoin / cryptos.
    Governments want votes , they cannot just ignore the electorate.
    As bitcoin goes up the public will stay quiet but if it carries on dropping as it is they'll get angry.

    So what happens to bitcoin prices if the Salvadorans decide to ditch bitcoin as suddenly as they adopted it ?

    Think before you buy .

    You should not buy any crypto with money you are not prepared to lose.
    No matter what the pumpers tell you , remember that it is just GAMBLING , nothing more , nothing less.

  7. A lot more people than before know of the halving event. There is no way those people are going to wait until the halving event to buy. The time to beat those people to the punch is now.

  8. Front running 🏃🏿‍♂️could accelerate this process significantly.

    Bitcoin bull run 🏃‍♀️ expected to take off again in 2022, and overlap with the run up to next years Litecoin reward halving as the MWEB update goes ‘live’ 🔥

  9. BITCOIN has 2 KEYS one is the PUBLIC KEY in which the whole world can see including GARY GENSLER the second KEY is the PRIVATE KEY in which gives you PRIVATE PROPERTY Rights without TRESPASS an GARY GENSLER cannot see or STEAL. This why they hate BITCOIN but can do nothing.

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